Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Works

Life Drawing has always been my favorite drawing class. Studying the human form is something I find very interesting, and in my time in life drawing 1 & 2 i've studied the muscle systems and skeletal system. I find that learning these two things, especially the skeleton this semester, really helps you get a sense of correct proportions and locations of joints and such on the body. My strongest works this semester had to be the 2 giant skeleton drawings, the self portraits and then the final 2 day pose. These were my most complete, detailed drawings that showcase my ability to comprehend the muscle and bone structures and how they relate to our outside appearance. This semester also helped me develop a great understanding of shading to create depth. I liked the emphasis on the side planes being shaded in our skeleton drawings. It really helped to further drive home the point that every 3D object has multiple sides.

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